The War Against Everybody and Everything

We live in an age of endless wars.  The wars run simultaneously, and they have a number of common characteristics.

Aside from being endless, the wars all extract wealth from the population, and bestow that wealth on the favored.  The wars create an over class, and an under class.  The over class is the primary beneficiary of the wars.  The under class also becomes dependent on the wars as serfs.

All wars diminish liberty.  Since we have a large number of wars going on simultaneously, liberty is declining precipitously.  The attack on liberty augments the ability of the politically favored to extract wealth from the population.

The wars are designed to never end.  If the wars were to end, the general population would demand the restoration their wealth and liberties.

Here are some examples of our current wars:

  • The war on terrorism constitutes a world wide effort to eliminate terrorism as a tactic by non-state forces.  Since it is impossible to eliminate a tactic, the war on terror amounts to an endless war on anybody who opposes any government aligned with the dominant powers.  The war on terrorism is also a war on the taxpayers, and a war on civil liberties.
  • The war on drugs is not a war on inanimate objects such as marijuana, cocaine, etc.  Instead, the war on drugs is a war on drug producers and drug users.  The war on drugs is also a war on the tax payers, and a war on civil liberties.
  • The war on poverty is not a war on an economic condition.  The war on poverty is a war on the tax payers, and a war on the poor.  The tax payers are robbed of their money, and the poor are turned into dependents.  The bureaucracy gets jobs and pensions for administering the war.
  • The state gives some people rights to intellectual property.  Then, the state wages war on those who attempt the violate the grant of privilege given to the favored.  The result again is a transfer of wealth from the general population to the favored, and violations of the civil rights of the population.

These wars, and other wars declared and undeclared, all constitute an assault on everyone who is not in a position of political power.  The purpose of this blog is to discuss the origins of these wars, the ongoing development of these wars, and how to not stop these wars.  As the United States government is the leading actor in these wars, the focus will be on the United States.  However, as the system is in many respects global, over countries will be discussed.


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